Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

My sister got me this key for my 18th birthday and my high school graduation. It isn’t a cliché “key to my heart”; it is the “key to my dreams”. On the card… Continue reading

Get Involved

[Day-to-day] Taking life one day at a time… Since I have come to Egypt, I made it a goal to get as involved as possible. I want to keep myself busy at all… Continue reading

Got my Running Shoes on

[Overwhelmed] You know when you’re on a treadmill, it starts off nice and slow and then next thing you know you’re running at an inhumane speed? I wrote before, how I really wanted… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

This picture kind of goes hand in hand with last week’s theme – Everyday Life. I saw this little boy running up and down the street pushing a tire for entertainment. He went… Continue reading

Goodbye Summer! Hello University!

[Think] Wait… Do we have to memorize this? Oh summer! You honestly have gone on for far too long. Graduation was on June 14 and it feels like forever ago! A full 3… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life 2

I know… I’ve posted this picture in a previous post; however, it was suggested that I use it for this challenge! -NooreoG

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I took a walk down an extremely underprivileged neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. It was overwhelming; for the first time in my life I saw people in their situation. Regardless of the many limitations… Continue reading

Why wear a boa when you can wear a snake?

[Reptiles] Life can be pretty cool… Throughout the last week I tried relaxing and enjoying what is left of my summer, but unfortunately there are still countless loose ends we need to deal… Continue reading

When the time comes…

[Face Palm] Yesterday I almost registered for my classes As of today I have two weeks of summer left. And I am still 100% in summer mode, with some anticipation panic attacks here… Continue reading

Final Stretch to the Starting Line

[Butterflies] 20 days … The first day of my first year of university When I first got to Egypt, my life was on pause. It felt like a cycle of unpack, organize, clean,… Continue reading

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