The concept of time changes so drastically depending on what you’re referring it to. Whether it’s something concrete, like the hours in a day, or something like a series of moments. Sometimes it’s nothing more than an abstract perception.

I really do believe that life is a series of moments. That the impact and importance of certain situations holds value over the duration of certain entities – people for example.

There are people that could be a dominant part of your life for years and hold less impact than someone you’ve known for months. What make them different are the moments and situations that you experienced with those people. And there are those times where everything flips. People will come and go or they disappear, whether it happens unexpectedly or it was bound to.

Who would have guessed that those abrupt moments in ‘time’, when you have the wind knocked out of you from being beat down so hard, were all a part of some sort of twisted storyline that plays at uneven intervals until you get the whole picture.

It’s funny really, the way that life plays out. The clarity that accompanies the rubble left over from something that, at the time felt like one disaster after the other. Ironically these disasters end up being blessings in disguise.

I’ve been telling myself for years that “everything happens for a reason, and everything happens for the best.” Sure it’s easier said than believed, but eventually you see it. You’ll see the way these “disasters” were lined up to save you from something far worse, or to pave the way towards something amazing you never imagined.

 The past is just a story we tell ourselves

At the end of the day, I think your perspective is what it all comes down to. The specific details you choose to dwell on, and the others you mark as irrelevant.


-Noor Gharbo