Time spent searching in the mirror for a glimpse of who I am

To find a stranger staring back at me…


Mentally going over words, phrases, descriptions, directed towards me

But I don’t know whom they’re talking about…


I know who I am, but I don’t feel it


Does that make everything I know false?


I have not lost myself, for I am happy with the current pieces I have to work with 


It was as if I let that negative outlook, which is so easy to have these days, take over. But that never was my reality.

Do we really lose ourselves? Or do we decline in our attempts to progress as individuals? I haven’t lost that person I was happy to be, I have moved beyond that point in my life. By fixating on that person, I didn’t realize that I was already on my way back up – progressing into something I didn’t know I could be.

il_340x270.586665553_t6id-Noor Gharbo