Sometimes things have to fall to make way for something beautiful. Life’s course in itself can be seen as masterpiece after masterpiece depending on your perspective. I don’t mean finding beauty in what you visually see around you, but the light within any darkness that may occur throughout your life. 

Despite all the hardships and unfortunate twists of events, I still strongly believe that everything happens for the best. Regardless of how painful things might be, the reasons eventually show over time.




The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness


To be resilient… to be able to bounce back is truly beautiful. It doesn’t matter how much you think you have progressed, or how hard you fight, there is no final destination. And in saying that it must be acknowledged that, unfortunately, there will always be new obstacles waiting to spring out and try to cut you down. But that is where the mentality comes in; everything happens for a reason, everything happens for the best.

I have changed my views on these “obstacles”. They’re more like pit stops on our journey to achieve as much as we can with the time that we are given. When we are damaged, beaten up badly, it only signifies the end of a phase, and your arrival at a pit stop. Refuel, rest, and regain your strength for the next phase.

Sometimes you arrive more battered than others, but the most important and hardest part to your restoration is acceptance. Accepting that some things were not meant for you. Accepting that whatever “it” is that brought you down is over. But with acceptance you must have the assurance to know within yourself that what comes next will be better for you.

Thank you, dear unfortunate events, for enlightening a reality I was not conscious of. But I have come to accept, and I am assured. Resilient is a word I would like to add to my definition.

The journey continues.

-Noor Gharbo