Fun House Mirrors

Fun house mirrors allow us to see ourselves in all different shapes and sizes. But what if the way you’ve been looking at yourself has been through one of those mirrors.

Sometimes those funhouse mirrors aren’t so fun. Somewhere along the way you managed to create your very own fun house mirror to fit the mold of how you want to see yourself: shape, size, personality, actions… everything.

There are many deceptions people will build for themselves. People can believe they are flawed, perfect, victimized, misunderstood, or anything else to find out that they have been wrong the entire time. These deceptions only lead to damaging yourself, and the harm of others.


You can believe that you are a good person, and that your actions are right. Someone or something will come along and shatter that mirror that you created before yourself. It is at that moment where you are forced to see yourself as you really are. Damaged. The longer you chose to believe that deception, the worse your real condition got. It is time to make changes. It is time to be good to yourself, and those around you.

Coming face to face with your true current reflection and finding a complete stranger, is one of the hardest realizations to accept.

But it does not matter what ended up pushing you down that road to lead you to create some sort of fake version of realty. What matters is what you do next.

Whether you fall

Means nothing at all

It’s whether you get up

It’s whether you get up

– Whether you fall, Tracy Bonham

-Noor Gharbo