There are different types of people in the world: those who fall and collapse, and those who fall and bounce back up.

I’m going on a cheesy limb here when I say, “life is a roller coaster” full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and surprises you might not be ready for.

You can spend as much time as you want planning for something in your future, and I guarantee you it will not turn out how you imagined, there is almost always a curveball.

Sometimes life will manage to hit you in the face, trample you, crush your bones, and leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. However what you do after that unfortunate encounter is your choice.

You can either lie there helplessly and drown yourself in your own pit of sorrow, or you can choose to do something about it.

I believe that failure is more of an abstract concept than it is solid. Failure depends on the person and the personal goals, expectations, and standards that they set for themselves. 




Lack of success

The neglect or omission of expected or required action.

I have failed at filling this blog with weekly posts. I have failed at how I’ve handled past situations, regardless of the outcome, my actions and habits were not the best of my abilities. I have failed an endless list and witnessed failure happen to those around me.

Failure is a disguised blessing. It teaches you how to do something better; to improve. We can go our entire lives sulking over the things we failed to do or we can strongly jump back up and move forward with the knowledge of what did not work.

It is my failures that have lead to the success I feel in different aspects of my life. It is the failures that have shaped my standards and expectations to what they are today. And I definitely owe what “wisdom” I have to the moments I have fallen and reached my ultimate lows.


It’s up to you how you handle it, you can just illuminate the negative and dangerous parts of your life or you can guide yourself to a better path, to get around destructive paths you have attempted. Failure is nothing more than an unfortunate life lesson that people have to endure various times throughout their lives. It is what we choose to do that matters most, the outcome we allow ourselves to reach for.

Personally, I’m not one who enjoys reminiscing with the ground when I fall; I bounce back up.

-Noor Gharbo