Trip out of the Bubble

Sometimes you need a day out of your usual lifestyle to put things back into perspective. It’s interesting really, how things manage to go from a perfect dream to a living nightmare. But you can’t let it consume you. You have to find a way to fight the monsters, and turn the nightmare into something livable again.

Went on an adventure – finally – to be honest due to the circumstances it wasn’t really something I could enjoy at the time, but looking back now it was one of those eye-opening moments that put things in a different point of view. Took a trip to the other side of the city, a place I usually wouldn’t go. The trip was, long and interesting and driven by impulse and frustration. But everything about the trip, from destination to means of transportation to the people I had to talk to was different than my everyday life.

People have this assumption that people from strange areas are most likely to be dangerous, if not dangerous than they are rude. Regardless of the person, there has to be something wrong, something negative. My mini impulse adventure proved that wrong once again. Ironically, it was the strangers that people would usually advise you to avoid that were the most helpful. And the people I did know were nowhere to be found.

It is interesting how people who do not have much still manage to have it in their hearts to be nice to those around them. That is the least anyone could do, be nice to those around them. We can’t just keep living our lives based on assumptions and stereotypes that have been created for us.

These people that I was surrounded with had so many problems that would never even cross my mind. And yet they didn’t let me feel like I was intruding, like I was just another lost burden. It made me feel so small.

Many people might not understand, but for everyone the personal reconciliation is different. I really needed this, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to elaborate on the situation more, or on similar situations.


“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”

-Brian Tracy

-Noor Gharbo