People see what you choose to show

Moments happen that will force you to noticeably “grow up”. It’s interesting when you reflect back on the events of the past year or so, and regard just how different you’ve become. I started this blog because I wanted something… productive. Something I could call my own, and eventually it became something to help me explore and absorb the world around me.

“Who is that?”

Something that always interested me was when I would ask about other people, the last thing I would get was a name.  I would get a summary consisting of who their family is, the car they drive, their university major, how old they are, and maybe even a few hobbies. Definitely not the answer I was looking for. Some people would only be “defined” by materialistic objects that were so present in their appearance, others were “defined” by their parents, and a rare few were “defined” by their actions.

It got me thinking, what is my definition? If someone were to ask, “who is she?” what would the answer be?

I have always had a general idea of what I want to do with my life, but I’ve never really known how to do it. So I started to explore my capabilities. This last year has been rather eye opening. I feel as though God was teaching me patience – I’m getting there. I’ve been thrown into situations I’m uncomfortable with, situations where I felt helpless, weak, lost… We all have those moments. But looking at them now, it was those moments that I would say I grew up. I had to find a way to manage, and through that I was testing my abilities.

We as people are capable of so much if we just open ourselves to the possibility.

Now it’s a matter of putting my newly acknowledged abilities to work. Eventually over time people will be able to define me with more than surrounding forces.


“When will my reflection show, who I am…”

-Noor Gharbo