Ramadan Kareem


The Holy month has arrived! Ramadan is a time of forgiveness. A time to repent for your past and better yourself for the future.

Every year Ramadan starts eleven days earlier than the previous year. This time around it has fallen in the middle of Summer; amongst the longest, hottest days of the year – for all of you located in the Northern Hemisphere. Despite how hard it might appear to be, embrace it and God will make the fasting easy. It will be sunset before you know it!

Ramadan is a time where your true character shines through. It is believed that during the month of Ramadan, all devils are chained up. Therefore any sins you partake in are not due to the whisperings of the devil, but are a reflection of your true self. 

This is the perfect time to catch your flaws and start finding ways to stop all bad habits. It is the perfect time to start working on bettering yourself, to start new habits without any restraints. If you really commit to them, when Ramadan ends you will be strong enough to easily continue despite the devil that will try to get in your way.

Ramadan Kareem! I wish you all the best.