Khan el Khalili

Khan el Khalili is a souk in Cairo. A souk is basically a bazaar. This one however is a main attraction in Egypt! It’s not just a tourist location, even the locals love going. It occurred to me that I have never gone before. Whenever I would have he opportunity to go, for some strange reason I wouldn’t. Finally I got the chance to and wow, I have missed out on the many opportunities to enjoy the unique historic buzz.

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The souk dates back to 1382. Apparently it was built on the site of the old historical Za’afran Tomb; the burial place of the founders of the City of Cairo.

Today you will find many little shops that sell all sorts of Egyptian trinkets, decorations, souvenirs and more! The streets are also filled with little coffee shops that are small and traditional. If you get hungry, apart from the few restaurants in the area, there are many street food vendors to offer other typical Egyptian delicacies.

Khan el Khalili really is an incredible place, and I strongly encourage you to visit. The people and even what they were selling are all colorful. It truly is an experience that you should take if you have the chance to.



Fishawi - Coffee Shop

Fishawi – Coffee Shop

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