All or Nothing



If you’re going to do something, do it right. You have to give it every part of you. When you start, don’t wait for the results, or stop to see what you’ve done so far, keep going.

We cannot claim to be smart when we drown ourselves in stupid actions. It’s a shame to waste your potential on things that are meaningless…

You have to start “NOW!” you can’t wait for “later” to come around.


I found this written in an old notebook; incomplete. As I looked back on the time that has passed since I wrote this, I realized that a lot has changed. I am no longer “drowning” myself in stupid actions and I am making a positive effort towards my “modification”.

Change doesn’t always have to be an action that involves others; it can be something as simple as re-organizing our closet, putting more effort into studying, or even something as simple as sleeping on the other side of the bed.

It has been almost a year since I started this mission to better myself and I can hardly believe the differences between then and now.


Make or become different


Change is open-ended – What have you changed so far? What are you going to continue doing? What are you going to change next?

The world is a giant playground that we can mold and shape freely. We have more power than we think in paving the path that lies before us. Why some people will sit back and let others shape their lives for them is beyond me!

Look around at your stomping ground and make sure you’re playing by your own rules.