Channel your Anger

There are days where the course of events will take an unexpected turn downhill. On the way down, you might subconsciously form expectations for people; expectations that they will fail to meet. This only adds to the speed at which you travel downwards.

Their failure to meet your expectations along with the aggravating turn of events will only throw you into an emotional spiral: disappointment, sadness, anger, and so on. It is at these times that many of us enjoy making the worst decisions and following through with them, but this time should be used constructively. Take the time to let your emotions subside. Do whatever you need to stabilize your mood.

Let your thoughts carry out in whatever direction they’re going in and wait for it to finish. Instead of moving on to the next terrible plan, stop and reflect on the last one. In your times of anger I believe your impulsive desires shine light on things you secretly want. It is then that we should take the terrible plan and morph it into something positive, something we would accept doing under better circumstances. Take the moment to step back, evaluate your current situation and refocus yourself before you can turn yourself back around.


Breathe, you got this