Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Behind the Mirror

[Reflection] Lately, in most of my classes we have gotten on the topic of the past. We were analyzing a character in a novel. The author gave some background information on the character… Continue reading


[Boom] Channel your Anger There are days where the course of events will take an unexpected turn downhill. On the way down, you might subconsciously form expectations for people; expectations that they will… Continue reading

Mind Games

Mind Games A series of deliberate actions or responses planned for psychological effect on another  We live in a world where many people insist on playing games to deal with others. Whether it… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

This is of a street vendor in Alexandria, Egypt. Throughout the streets of Egypt there are many different open markets. I was attracted to this man’s cart in particular because of his arrangement… Continue reading

Accept Your Faults

[Willing] Intrapersonal Adjective – Taking place or existing within the mind Do not let your need to defend yourself blind you from what you are doing. You are not always right, and it is… Continue reading

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