Once again I have been avoiding you for no apparent reason. There is a time and place for everything. We just need to understand that when things don’t work out in our favor, it is not the time, or something better is bound to happen. It is as though this is a mandatory lesson in patience. Life does not get in the way of things; life is just following its own path to making things happen.

I smashed into a negative wall. My cousin knocked some sense into me. Moving to a new place isn’t easy, and it takes a while before you settle; I haven’t settled yet. I am on the right path to achieving everything I want. Even though it isn’t happening at fast speed, it is still happening. Every now and then we need a day to ourselves. A day to do absolutely nothing productive. A day to just stop and realize where you stand, what you have accomplished, and what lies ahead of you.

Montazah Castle

Sometimes we are blinded by what we want to do, we forget to see what we have accomplished.