Refresh – Back to Reality


Oh blog… I have been neglecting you! I spent two weeks in Ohio with the family. It’s nice knowing that regardless of how different our lives are now and the distance between us we can still manage to meet up every now and then. I especially love how the differences of the cultures we live in don’t affect how we are with one another: my brother lives in Ohio, my sister lives in New Zealand, And I live in Egypt.

I love seeing the differences between places; the scenery. Ohio was just filled with the feeling of Autumn. I love autumn colors; the way everything just meshes together to create a beautiful image. Even like the way the trees look after the leaves have fallen is breathtaking.

Autumn Colors

Travel has always amused me. How you can wake up one morning in one place and then go to bed that night somewhere else completely. If we are capable to stretch out and travel to various places than why do we limit our capabilities to our surroundings? I’ve mentioned before that one day I want to help change the world, and I’m still trying to somewhat start, but I have to stay motivated.

Goodbye Ohio

It was an amazing two weeks in the bipolar weather of Columbus then it was back to my reality. First week back I was welcomed with midterms! Two more to go! After exams I really need to start falling back into some sort of routine. Moving somewhere new isn’t that easy. The hardest part is finding some sort of routine to run on. Still have some loose ends, but everything will fall into place eventually I just really have to stop stalling! I have somewhat fallen into a state of lazy de-motivation but I really need to pick myself up again. After a week of trying to fall back into the flow of Egypt I’m ready to tackle everything. Winter is well on its way and with it great things will come.