Foreign Local – Yay Tourism


I have come to the conclusion that I am a foreign local.

Technically I am Egyptian, but I am still new to Egypt… Moving here doesn’t exactly make me a local; I’m a foreigner to my own country. And on top of that I am the ultimate tourist! To add to my tourist adventures, I finally went to see the pyramids!

The Pyramids


I went on a day trip to Cairo with my university. Our fist stop was that Pyramids! I have never gone to see them before. People were telling me all week that it isn’t that special. They have gone many times before so it’s pretty much part of their routine. I didn’t think it would have the impact it had on me. It took my breath away. Actually seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World is a lot cooler than I thought. If people were able to accomplish that and still have people trying to figure out how thousands of years later, then today I can also do something that will leave a resonating impact… Or at least help in the movement. I had some “connection”. A moment of pride; “Wow… this is my country.”

My friends and I took horses to the top of a sand dune to get a better view. It was also my very first time riding a horse. “How hard can it be?”

I was the girl screaming when the horse decided to run downhill… BUT I managed to stay on! I did not fall off!

The view from above was incredible



The view of cairo was also breathtaking

“OMG it’s Cairo!”


I loved that I got to see the contrast between Ancient Egypt and modern Cairo side by side.

Then and Now


For the rest of the trip we went to an amusement park called Dream Park. It was pretty fun, and extremely strange at the same time. It was definitely an interesting experience. After that we stopped by Mall of Arabia for an hour or so then made our way back to Alexandria.

I never really imagined my life to turn out this way. My plan did not include Egypt. But here I am…