Get Involved


Taking life one day at a time…

Since I have come to Egypt, I made it a goal to get as involved as possible. I want to keep myself busy at all times. I joined a charity organization called Ensan Alex. You can read more about their information here:

The writing is in Arabic, so I’ll try to explain what I do as best as I can. The group as a whole has many little sub groups. In each sub groups there are more sub groups depending on what you are doing to help. I am a part of the teaching group. I wanted to teach the kids English, but they still need help with their Arabic, so it wouldn’t be very helpful throwing a new language at them. So I go to help out in any way I can, depending on the subject. I also try making worksheets that they can enjoy, or thinking up games. I am also a part of the “media” group, so no matter what I’m always camera ready! There are more things that you can do with the organization. There are the medical groups, the groups that help out with government issues, financial issues and much more.

The neighborhood I help out

Hidden Beauty

At the beginning I felt somewhat useless because my Arabic is not as good as it should be, but then when I was talking to the kids I realized I speak the way they do! They might not realize how foreign I sound! I might not be able to teach them something new yet, but I do try keeping them motivated to pursue learning and reach their goals. It is something I have always wanted to do: inspire people.

Finding people who are willing to volunteer is not common; so no matter how useless you might find yourself, your presence alone makes a difference and leaves an impact that you wont even understand. It’s not only beneficial for the people you’re helping; it is also beneficial for you.

I’ll be honest, I feel like they are teaching me a lot more than I could ever teach them. My viewpoint on life has changed drastically already. Being unhappy is overrated. Don’t focus on a negative aspect of your life when there are so many great things for you to be happy about.

If you have any teaching suggestions or fun ideas for children please share them!

As for university, things are staring somehow. They’ve changed my schedule every day since I started, but soon enough everything will feel like a regular routine.