Got my Running Shoes on


You know when you’re on a treadmill, it starts off nice and slow and then next thing you know you’re running at an inhumane speed?

I wrote before, how I really wanted to just hit the ground running the second I had the opportunity to. It’s officially my second week of university I’ve signed up for groups and activities both inside and outside the university. Now that I have some type of schedule (that has changed literally every day since I’ve started…) I’m finally able to start fitting in some routines. Regardless of how spontaneous I’d like my life to be, I do need some usual habits to keep me sane.

When in Rome do as the Romans do


It doesn’t matter that my summer has ended; I will forever be the ultimate tourist. It doesn’t matter how frequently I visit places; every visit will be different from the last. I live here now so I no longer see Egypt in a “vacation” light. In all honesty it has only lead me to want more. I live here. I don’t need to be on vacation to enjoy what Egypt has to offer!

I wasn’t here during the revolution so it’s not fair for me to compare myself to the people who honestly went out to make a difference. But I am here now; so I guess I can somewhat say what changes I have seen between today and three months ago. It might a process that is slower than many people would like it to be, but change is happening. The country is slowly becoming cleaner and safer among other things. It’s not very common to find people that are willing to volunteer here but when you do its quite incredible. I have met some selfless people who will invest their free time in the benefit of the underprivileged. So I decided to join an organization that helps the needy gain a somewhat stable control of their lives. The organization opens doors that people never imagined walking up to. The doors are not just for the unfortunate, but also for those who decided to help. I just started, and like everything else in this country I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I might be helping these kids out with bettering their lives for the future, but they’re also helping me. If you saw my last two photo challenge pictures they were both taken in the neighborhood of where we would go to help. These people don’t need to have the world to be happy. They don’t need extra resources to create things when they have everything at their fingertips. These people have nothing and yet they are on top of the world and I wish to one day be more like them.

I never want to find myself in a situation, angry or hating the things I don’t have. Everything that I need is right in front of me, and I should use that knowledge to move forward with my life, to help achieve my goals, and to stay happy regardless of what might be thrown my way.

I’ve equipped satisfaction of the unforeseen outcome with my “Bring it on life / Come at me Bro” attitude.