Goodbye Summer! Hello University!


Wait… Do we have to memorize this?

Oh summer! You honestly have gone on for far too long. Graduation was on June 14 and it feels like forever ago! A full 3 months have gone by and here I am officially a university student! It’s only been two days so far but I have a good feeling about what my future will bring me.

All summer I have met countless individuals who had stories to tell me about the University that I am attending. They would enlighten me on all the strange things that I might end up seeing. They would tell me about things I should stay away from, things I should be aware of, and all the absurd habits people had. To be honest, it kind of intimidated me a bit. Apart from all the warnings of possible mishaps and past alleged stories my registration process was such a hassle! After the 4th time I went to have them turn me away I honestly wasn’t looking forward to starting anymore. But then it happened.

There are a few things that I still have to get used to. I have been in an American school system my entire life and here I am in a completely different system. They have your classes set based on what you choose to major in. I don’t choose my major until my 5th term (3rd year).

I am studying under the College of Language and Communications. This is the very first time that AASTMT (Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport  — mouthful I know) has a Language and Communications department. I think that there are 40 people max overall. The group is divided based on their score on the English placement test, so I have the same group in each of my classes!

So it is a new department, and there aren’t a lot of people, or any expectations to live by (we set the bar for everyone else) I’m pretty excited. It is still too soon to tell what awaits me but the professors and the people seem very nice and welcoming.

Shock 1: my professors want to know us by name.

I definitely want to get involved in any way possible to add to my college experience. I signed up for a photography group, which I have yet to hear more about, so we’ll see what happens.

Here’s to a great start and for (hopefully) an even better future. Oh and before I forget… welcome back steady thought process… sort of.

Alexandria, Egypt

Goodbye Summer! Until next year.