Why wear a boa when you can wear a snake?


Life can be pretty cool…

Throughout the last week I tried relaxing and enjoying what is left of my summer, but unfortunately there are still countless loose ends we need to deal with from the move to Egypt. But I did manage to get some beach time in… among other things.

In case you were wondering from my last post, I finally did register for my university classes… I think. I am still completely oblivious to how the system works here. It isn’t like anything I’m accustomed to – but then again Egypt in general is a whole different world. Early morning my dad and I left for the university, and this time I made it past the gate! After about two hours of waiting on different people to deal with the new students in my department, a lady finally entered the room I was sitting in. She handed me a piece of paper and said, “Here is your schedule. Go tell the lady upstairs to put you in the system.” And that was it. Unfortunately there are still a few things I have to deal with before I can officially say I’m done with the whole “pre-university” phase, but that shouldn’t take long. Anyway, registering for my classes was pretty much showing up and receiving my already set schedule – which is hideous by the way! I start at 8:30 and finish at 3. I thought that maybe I’d have a clearer image of what to expect at this point, but I now the only thing I’m sure of is when I have to wake up in the mornings.

There isn’t much else I can do but patiently wait for the surprises along the way. This really is one big adventure.

Yesterday after registration my mom thought it was time we do something new. We decided to take a break from the whole moving process and go out and just enjoy the next few days. We went to a place called Porto Marina, which is found at the North Shore of Egypt. It’s an awesome vacation spot. It’s pretty empty now since most people started school and are back at work. We were walking around some of the shops when we found a place that let you take pictures with reptiles. Next thing I knew my mom was dragging me inside and the man in charge was placing a chameleon on my head. I never thought I’d end up having a snake draped on like a feather boa, but I’ll be honest it is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done so far!


It was a reminder, to live my life ready for anything, because those split second decisions, that spur of the moment adventure, always ends up on the “best memories” list.

Here’s to expecting the unexpected and welcoming it with open arms.