When the time comes…

[Face Palm]

Yesterday I almost registered for my classes

As of today I have two weeks of summer left. And I am still 100% in summer mode, with some anticipation panic attacks here and there, but other than that summer mode. Last week I did some “sight seeing”. I got to explore some places in Alexandria with the family. I’m starting to get a feel for the flow of this city… or so I thought.

On Sunday, September 2, 2012, registration for classes began. I almost registered for my classes yesterday. Woke up freakishly early for a summer morning, and made my way to my college campus. Keep in mind I have yet to see what it looks like. My excitement grew more and more with every step I took to the gate when a guard stopped me.

“What term are you?”


He pointed to a paper taped next to the gate, “First term registration is on the 9th”.

* Face Palm *

And to his delight he rubbed it in my face a little more by patting the paper and a saying “this is straight from the university too”.

Everyone I had spoken to about registration told me to go early on the 2nd, and the website failed to include the different dates.

The only response my dad has for me was “This is Egypt”

Everyone keeps trying to explain that Egypt has a different lifestyle. Everything here is so relaxed, so laid back and last minute in a good way. There is no rush to do things; everything will fall into place when the time comes. I have yet to get used to the world that this country turned out to be. It’s not like anywhere else that I’ve been but I think once I get used to things I’ll love it. At first I was frustrated with not being able to sign up for my classes, but now that I thought about it, what difference would it have made? Either way my first day is on the 16th, and knowing what I’m signed up for two weeks before as opposed to one does not make a difference. So for now I will continue enjoying what is left of my summer.

Egypt has definitely got that idea right, why rush, just step back and enjoy the view.

Stress is an ignorant state.  It believes that everything is an emergency.

-Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind

Montazah Bridge – Alexandria, Egypt